Dr. Leon Gilead
Certified Dermatologist
Mohs & dermato surgeon

ד"ר לי-און גלעד
מומחה לרפואת עור ומין

דרמטוכירורג ומנתח מוס


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Born:                     Haifa            1960

Marital status:      Married + four children.
1982 - 1985    B.Sc.med in Life sciences, With excellence. "Hebrew University and Hadassah's Medical School", Jerusalem, Israel.   
1985 - 1989    Ph.D. in biochemistry. "Hebrew University and Hadassah's Medical School", Jerusalem, Israel.   
1987 - 1990    M.D.. "Hebrew University and Hadassah's Medical School", Jerusalem, Israel.  
1990 - 1991    Internship. "Hadassah University Medical Center", Jerusalem, Israel.              
1992 - 1996    Resident in Dermatology. "Hadassah University Medical Center", Jerusalem, Israel.
           1996    Plastic & Derm Surgery Clerkship
           1996    Board Certified - Dermatologist
1993 - 1996    Editor of 'Al-Hadofek' (="on the pulse") The Hebrew University and Hadassah's Medical School alumni journal.
1994 - 1998    Instructor in Dermatology, Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel
1996 -             Senior physician, Department of Dermatology, Hadassah Medical Center
1998 -             Manager of the Hard to Heal Wound Clinic and Derm-surgery
2002 -             Medical Director, Israel Hansen's Disease Center, Ministry of Health and Hadassah
2003 -             Head of the Inpatient Hard to Heal Wound Team of the Hadassah Medical Center
2003 - 2006    Physician in "Lase-Ohr" medical & aesthetic laser treatment center
2004                Attended "Fundamentals of Mohs Surgery" training course of the American Society of MOHS Surgery
2005 -             Mohs Surgeon, Head of Mohs Surgery Clinic
1984               "Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical School - department of Human Anatomy" prize for excellence 
1985               Dean's list of excellent students.
1994               Scholarship award under the International Scholarship Program of the 18th World Congress of Dermatology,
                       The American academy of dermatology, 1995.
1996               Louis and Ana Rosof Faculty Prise for excellence in clinical work
1985 - 1990    Full Tuition fees by the Hebrew university for students in the combined program of studies for MD/Ph.D.
1987 - 1990    Foulkes Foundation Fellowship.
Main fields of specialty:
Dermato and MOHS surgery
Hard to heal wounds
Hansen's disease
Aesthetic dermatology
Israel Society for Dermatology and Venereology
Israel Society of Investigative Dermatology
Israel Society for Dermatologic Surgery
American Academy of Dermatology
Israel Society for Diabetic foot
American Society for MOHS Surgery
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